Learn How To Play the Pokémon Trading Card Game: Part 3 – Attacking Your Opponents

Previously, we discussed learning how to play the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Now that we’ve set up the game, the next step is figuring  out how to start playing the actual Pokémon Trading Card game.

How to win at Pokémon?

Easy answer: Attack your opponents and beat them (which is pretty much how you win any game).

Attacking your Opponents in the Pokémon Trading Card Game

1. Attack Cost

To ATTACK your opponent, need the right amount & proper type of ENERGY.

The ATTACK COST is printed on the LEFT of its name and text. The COST is shown by a symbol(s) corresponding to one of primary types of Energy Cards.

COLORLESS Energy: can be fulfilled by ANY TYPE of Energy BUT…  all other types of Energy must be matched with their respective ENERGY cards. Is indicated by the WHITE STARS (of symbol)

Each symbol signifies ONE Energy Card that must be attached to the Pokémon in order to use the ATTACK.

COMPONENTS of ATTACK: name, text, cost, damage

NOTE: most attacks don’t require the player to discard their ENERGY Cards, though some of the more powerful ones do.







2. What are your OPPONENT’s WEAKNESSES?

Guess what? Most Pokémon (cards have a WEAKNESS  to a specific type. It will receive ADDITIONAL Damage if your Pokémon is of the type that it has a weakness to.

3. What are your OPPONENT’s RESISTANCE to?

Turns out that your OPPONENT will receive LESS DAMAGE from your attack if it’s RESISTANT to it. In the shown example – there is ZERO resistance shown to any attacks.

4. Inflicting DAMAGE to your OPPONENT!


This is what wins you the game, so better learn how to do it (and quickly)!

The ACTUAL DAMAGE that an attack inflicts will be on the RIGHT of the Attack name. In the posted example: the DAMAGE applied is: 30 if Electro Ball was used for the ATTACK.

The DAMAGE is inflicted on the “attacked” opponent’s Pokémon.

There may be ADDITIONAL effects (listed BENEATH Attacks) that can increase damage output.

NOTE: In a game, DAMAGE will be referred to as DAMAGE COUNTERS (each one representing 10 Damage). Can keep track with small flat objects, coins, dice etc.



5. What to do with DEAD Pokémon



To KNOCK OUT Pokémon:

When the amount of DAMAGE inflicted is GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO HP of (attacked) Pokémon, the (attacked) Pokémon are KNOCKED OUT and DISCARDED into the owner’s DISCARD PILE (along with any ATTACHED energies, items and/or evolutions).


Once the KNOCKED-OUT Pokémon is DISCARDED, the (“winning”) player takes a PRIZE Card.

Once you have all your PRIZE Cards:

You WIN the game! Congrats!!!!!


What’s next?

What we’ve done so far:

Check out our next Blog on Learning How To Play the Pokémon Trading Card Game: Part 4 Handling Special Conditions.

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